About the Founders


Jill & Kelly are sisters who both love the ocean.  

Jill's a biz dev type who spent years in impact investing.  She had a front row seat to impact entrepreneurs' pitches and believes that for-profit businesses CAN and should improve the environment and our world.  

Kelly's a brand manager turned university professor.  Her love of SCUBA diving was the creative spark for LoPo.  She couldn't find a diveskin product that was well made and that looked good (not sexy or silly-printed).

{Lightbulb emoji here} What if we made high-quality durable activewear for people who love what they do in the ocean..... out of plastic that is bound for the ocean?  

L'eau (water) peau (skin) was born from our commitment to the highest quality, meticulous detail and Made in the USA craftsmanship. 


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