Why We Make LoPo

A better way to make clothing for the best times of our lives

We can all do better

  • LoPo brings a premium, sustainable and durable product to the market 
  • Fabric and trim sourced in the USA. Made from ethically-sourced upstream plastic bottles at risk of polluting oceans
  • Fairly paid labor sewn in the USA 
  • Working towards a 100% circular LoPo 
  • Even our shipping materials are made from recycled paper

Honoring the most beautiful spaces in our lives

  • Make time and space for the places and people you love 
  • The ocean has always put things in perspective for our team at LoPo 
  • We're all a part of something bigger
  • LoPo's mission enables our customers to be a part of the solution because all of our small acts add up to make a big difference

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