LoPo Luxe Materials

Our special-order fabric is 30% to 60% heavier than similar products on the market.  For you, that means impressive durability and versatile support for whatever water sport you enjoy. What surprises our customers is how SOFT the LoPo Luxe fabric FEELS.  The  4-way stretch mesh construction is naturally ventilating. 

UPF 50+ coverage and made from RepreveOurOcean Polyester.  This Made in the USA yarn is made from 2/3 Ocean-bound plastic & 1/3 Curbside recycled plastic bottles. 

There are 27 ocean-bound bottles in each yard of LoPo Luxe fabric

High quality and durable, your LoPo will last for years
Made in the USA craftsmanship
Thicker fabric = better coverage = flattering!

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